Azure Black Night Carpet Dye Stains Mats Tyres Interior Renovation


Black Dye Carpets Mats Tyres Restores As New Fast Drying Interior Renovation

  • Restores “as new” appearance to carpets, mats and tyres
  • Suitable for black & medium/dark grey surfaces
  • Covers scuff and blemishes – Fast drying

A solvent spirit based black dye to restore the ‘as new’ appearance to carpets, mats and tyres.  Designed to be sprayed on either dark grey carpets or black for best results, can be brushed / sprayed or wiped on.  Leave to touch dye before use again.

SKU: VC-15054-25


Directions – Ensure gloves are worn during use. Ensure surface is clean and dry. Apply product using a brush or spray. It is advisable to test on a small inconspicuous area first to check colour match.

Caution: Remove overspray immediately. Ensure that product is dry before using the vehicle. Check carpet has not been treated with a carpet protector before use.


Additional information

Size (L)

5LX2, 25L

Product Use

Carpet Dye


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