Odessa Tyre Slick Long Lasting Tyre Gloss Silicone Based Dressing

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Tyre Slick Tyre Gloss  Long Lasting and Silicone-Based Dressing –5L, 25L

Tyre Slick Is A Highly Durable Silicone Based Tyre Dressing That Leaves A Perfect Film Of Dressing On The Tyre, Delivering A Quality Shine. This Product Was Designed To Be Used Neat.

  • Easy Application
  • Produces A Subtle Gloss Finish When Applied To Tyres
  • Long Lasting And Durable
  • Silicone Based Formula

Directions: Pour Approximately 50ml Of Liquid Into The Separate Container. Use A Sash Brush To Apply The Dressing To Clean Tyres. Smooth Tyre Slick Product With Foam Applicator. Pour Any Leftover Fluid Back Into The Container.



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